None Criminal Case: Detained Journalist Denied Bail After Meeting conditions

3 days inside Police custody for performing his constitutional duty as a journalist, the Police Force CID is yet to release Oga Tom Uhia from its gulag at Area 10, Abuja. The Police has not given reasons for keeping Uhia without charging him to court.

The publisher of PowerSteering magazine who was asked to present a top civil servant to bail him, met the requirements demanded but the police failed to keep to their side of the bargain when the Minister of State for Power, Mr. Jeddy Goddy Agba appeared at the Force CID.

An insider told our correspondent that the Minister’s visit changed the whole scenario and the posture of the police also changed.

An insider said because of pressure from the Nigerian Union of Journalists the publisher might be taken to court on Friday and thereafter returned to the cell on the pretense that he had not completed the bail requirement the court might set.

In such instance, the PowerSteering publisher might be kept in detention for the whole weekend as punishment for daring a serving Minister. We shall keep you posted.

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