Before the Governorship and State House of Assembly Elections of Saturday, March 9, many Godfathers abound in Nigeria with some so vociferous that the faint-hearted in the society surrendered to them.   

These self-appointed ‘kingmakers’ bestrode the political landscape like collosus and literally decided for the citizens who will be their Governors and members of House of Assembly. They handpicked the candidates for the elective positions in the various states.    

The main culprits of this  clear example of  undemocratic act, greed and selfishness of the highest order are Gov. Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state and his Imo state counterpart, Gov. Rochas Okorocha who against any known reasons imposed their cronies on their parties and states.   

Unfortunately, both men who belong to the same All Progressive Alliance (APC) refused to back down on their determination to install their stooges as their successors on May 29 in their various states. This is even when the two- term governors have secured the tickets to contest the National Assembly seats which they won.   

Every attempt by their members and leadership to persuade the ‘godfathers’ to allow other persons more qualified than their anointed candidates fell on deaf ears.     If Amosun’s choice of one of his aides is bad enough then Okorocha’s choice of his own son-in-law and town’s man, regardless of political power balancing in Imo State stirred up outright outrage.

All bigwigs in his party, cabinet and the state warned him of the backlash, he as usual ignored them. Who born man.   In fact, anyone who did not agree on the choices they have made was an ‘Obote man’. Apologies Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada of Uganda. They fought even the party hierarchy and embarrassed the President of Nigeria at campaign grounds in Owerri and Abeokuta by throwing objects towards the Commander In Chief.    

Although APC suspended them for anti party activities or for supporting candidates of different political parties, the Action Alliance (AA) for Okorocha and APM for Amosun, they still sponsored  and campaigned for their ‘boys’. Call it an affront.   

But on Saturday, March 9, these acts of political brigandage was rewarded handsomely by the people of Imo and Ogun states respectively as the candidates of these governors were roundly defeated at the polls.

Thus the political calculation of both men to put ‘their men’ who will do their bidding has hit a brick wall.    This has shown that the Holy Bible is right to say that: ‘the wisdom of men is foolishness in the eyes of God’


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